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Inventech Benelux offers technically advanced analytical solutions for laboratories and process industry to optimize products and processes in a cost-efficient and sustainable way. We increase your impact by measuring.


A few of our solutions


Optimize combustion processes  
Measuring moisture in industrial processes  
Measuring moisture in solids  
Combustion effeciency meaurement in flue gas  
Oxygen analysis in-situ measurement  
Moisture analysis in cocoa  
Moisture NIR   
Oxygen in-situ measurement  
Oxygen analysis flue gas  
Oxygen flue gas  
Oxygen concentration analysis  
Oxygen concentration in-situ measurement  
Moisture measurement bulk goods  
Moisture measurement granules  
Moisture measurement powders  
Moisture measurement coffee  
Moisture measurement milkpowder  
Moisture measurement in food and feed  
Measure viscosity in food products  
Measuring viscosity in the chemical and cosmetic industry  
Measuring viscosity inline in the petrochemical industry  
Measure viscosity in oil and oil products   
Measuring viscosity milkpowder  
Moisture measurement in plastics  
Measuring moisture in starch and starch derivatives  
Measuring moisture in potato flakes and granulate  
Measure the amount of dextrose in a solution  
Measuring process and waste water in the processing of potatoes  
Measuring the viscosity of aroma pastes and other flavourings  
Measuring starch properties with NIR  
SPES promising method for micro- and nanoparticle analysis  
Measuring the (quality) characteristics of proteins  
Detecting Total Sulfur in HyCO (syngas)  
Accurate hydrocarbon analyser  
Detecting moisture in natural gas  
5 questions to ask your supplier when purchasing a viscometer  
Oxygen measurement in gas  
More information on the Insta Trace from Teledyne  
Infrared gas analysers  
NIR spectrometers for agriculture and food industry  
Biological desulphurisation of biogas  
Measuring viscosity in anaerobic digestion processes  
Inline viscosity measurement of starch glue  
Inline Chlorine Dioxide Measurement  
Analytical instrumentation for air separation  
Tracing oxygen traces in nitrogen blankets  
Flue gas measurements: ceramics, concrete and glass production  
Accurately measure moisture in bulk solids  
Dust measurement in a flue gas duct  
Fast and accurate particle shape measurement of aggregates  
Burning High Viscosity Fuels; not without the use of a viscosity meter  
How to control the viscosity of oils and lubricants?  
Inline analytical instruments for refining processes for petrochemicals   
Desulphurization of petroleum and petroleum products  
How to choose the right inline viscometer in the petrochemical industry  
Moisture measurement in paper. Different methods.   
Particle size analysis with Differential Centrifugal Sedimentation  
NIR analysis feed  
NIR measurement of food products  
Viscosity measurement polyurethane  
Inline viscosity measurement gelatine  
Moisture analysis spray dryer  
Moisture analysis drying process  
Granulate moisture analysis for the pharmaceutical industry  
Measuring moisture with microwave technology  
Moisture content drying process  
Moisture analysis microwave resonance method  
Moisture analysis soy  
Measuring seed quality with NIR  
Measuring the concentration of cutting oil/coolants in the metal industry  
Microwave density measurement with square-shaped sensor soup and aroma paste  
Inline moisture and density measurement in paper and cardboard  
Moisture and density measurement in the lab of a paper producer  
How a viscometer serves as a reference in the enzymatic power monitoring  
Rapid identification of plastics for recycling industry  
Optimal control of product quality in the oil and gas industry with bestseller viscosity measurement  
Masterclass: High-resolution (ENG) characterization of heterogeneous submicron and microparticles  
Particle size characterization of polymers, paint & coatings  
Measuring moisture in seeds with the microwave resonance technique  
Excellent yogurt with the MIVI viscometer  
Measuring the properties of lubricants  
Viscosity measurements in the coating process of printed circuit boards (pcb)  
Measurement of particle size in (biobased) nanomaterials  
How sanitary viscometers insure fresh cheese excellence  
In-line viscosity measurement in vis-breaking processes  
Inline viscosity measurement extrusionprocesses  
Inline moisture measurement fluid bed dryers  
Measuring moisture in pharmaceuticals; meeting the demand for 100% Verification  
Save up to ten percent on your drying process with TEWS microwave moisture analysis method  

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Inventech Benelux offers technically high-quality analysis solutions for laboratories and the process industry to optimize products and processes in a cost-efficient and sustainable way. We increase your impact by measuring.