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The solution: reliable moisture measurement in natural gas

Teledyne's 8800 NG Trace Moisture Analyzer solves this problem with a built-in moisture calibration system that allows the operator to periodically check the device's calibration drift. In addition, the moisture sensor uses Hyper Thin Film (HTF) technology. This technology provides higher sensitivity, improved stability and a faster response time compared to conventional aluminum oxide sensors. HTF sensors can tolerate many of the contaminants in natural gas applications, such as glycol, where other sensors quickly deteriorate and fail.

Excellent performance for measuring moisture in natural gas

View the excellent presentations of the 8800 NG Moisture Detection Analyser from Teledyne Instruments in the brochure. Performance of this analyser is far better compared to other analysers in terms of:

  1. Accuracy
  2. Sensitivity
  3. Speed
  4. Temperature and stability




More information about moisture measurements in natural gas

Would you like more information about the Teledyne Instruments 8800 NG moisture analyser or are you interested in a test? Please contact product manager John Heidenreich, via tel.: 0031(0)162-460404 or email.


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Accurate moisture detection in natural gas with Teledyne's 8800 NG