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Measuring moisture in industrial processes.

Inventech is the specialist in the field of moisture measurements in industrial processes. Our broad package, with both laboratory and (in-line) process analysis instruments, offers many possibilities for various applications and industries.

The analytical instruments we provide are from renowned brands that are used worldwide to optimize processes as efficiently as possible. We also have the right analytical tools for measuring moisture in industrial processes.


Curious which moisture analytical instrument can optimize your industrial process?

The product managers at Inventech help you find the right analytical technique for your application and give advice specifically focused on your process, environment and industry. Together with our service engineers, they ensure that your analytical instrument fits seamlessly with your process. The service engineers from our VCA-certified Service department are ready to share their specialist knowledge about measuring moisture within industrial processes through installation, training and maintenance.

Other information about the measurement of moisture in industrial processes

The following processes are used to measure moisture: 

  • during spray drying
  • in a granulation process
  • in other drying processes  

When measuring moisture in industrial processes, we use the following techniques, among others: 

  • NIR (near infrared)
  • Microwave resonance technique 

We can measure moisture in the following applications, among others

  • Soya
  • Cocoa
  • Coffee
  • Hop
  • Oilseeds

More information about measuring moisture within industrial processes?

Do you still have questions about the measurement of moisture within industrial processes after reading this page? Feel free to contact us without any obligation. Our product managers are happy to answer all your questions about the measurement of moisture within industrial processes.

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