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Inventech Benelux offers technically high-quality analytical solutions for laboratories and the process industry to optimize products and processes in a cost-efficient and sustainable way. We increase your impact by measuring.

Curious which analytical instrument optimizes your process?

Our product specialists are happy to help you find the right analytical technique(s) for your application focused on your process, environment and industry. Together with our VCA-certified service engineers they ensure that your analytical instrument fits seamlessly within your process and they are ready to share their specialist knowledge through installation, training and maintenance.

Mission statement

We help organizations to significantly improve the quality of their products and produce them sustainably, efficiently and cost-effectively.

With our high-quality products, inventive solutions and service-oriented approach, we are a reliable (knowledge) partner for our customers in the laboratory and process industry. We help clients find solutions to complex issues and increase their (sustainable) impact, often on multiple levels at the same time.

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