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We provide analytical instrumentation from renowned brands that have been known worldwide for many years. Thanks to the expertise of our partners and the training they provide to our Service Engineers, you benefit from a broad knowledge network with high-quality products that are applied locally to your application.

Near Infrared (NIR) analysis


The ASD full-range NIR spectroradiometers (350-2500nm) offer you fast and accurate spectral analysis of various liquids and solids, in laboratories and the field. These NIR analyzers are suitable for all your VNIR-SWIR applications for both contact and non-contact measurements. Here you will find a brief overview of the Near infrared analytical instruments from ASD.

In-line Refraction index (RI) en Brix analysis


Refraction meters with which you can accurately measure the concentration (% weight), liquid density (% dry matter), Refraction index (R.I.) or Brix in liquid. The brix measurement from Atago can be used in various industries for product recognition, composition and determination of product purity. We are happy to tell you more about Atago's refractometers.

(Nano) particle size analysis


With the differential centrifugal sedimentation technique (DCS) of the CPS Disk Centrifuge you can accurately measure particle size in suspensions and emulsions. Reliable analysis of particles (0.002 to 75 microns) with very high resolution and sensitivity. Click here for more information.

Particle characterization

logo   Microtrac analytical instrumentation makes it possible to measure particles in both liquid and solid substances with Laser Defraction (LD). At high particle concentrations in liquids measurements are performed with Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS). With the patented 3D technology you can measure even the smallest shape parameter in solid particles using Dynamic Image Analysis (DIA). Their most recent innovation combines LD en DIA (hybrid). Microtrac’s Sync is used to get all size and shape parameters in view.

Moisture and density analysis

logo   With the patented microwave resonance technology of TEWS you can measure the moisture content independently of the dimensions, color, bulk density and mass. The unique sensor measures the moisture in solids both on the surface and in the core of the product, in the laboratory, at-line and in-line.

Viscosity analyzers

logo   Reliable viscosity meters for in-line and at-line applications, also under high pressure and at high temperatures. With the maintenance-free meters from Sofraser you can measure the dynamic viscosity, density and calculate the kinematic viscosity. The viscosity measurement of Sofraser is easy to deploy in a wide range of industries; petrochemistry, cosmetic, chemistry and food. 

Dust emission and immission measurements


In the Durag product range you will find analyzer solutions for every dust application and budget. Durag enables to measure low dust concentrations with high sensitivity, both quantitatively (mg / m3) and qualitatively. Analyzers are available for diverse applications with various measuring principles; optical, tribo-electric, β-radiation and extractive.

Oxygen, gas and liquid analyzers

Logo   Widely applicable oxygen, gas and liquid analyzers from Teledyne Instruments to determine the oxygen concentration quickly and flexibly. Suitable for use in a safe zone, ATEX environment and available as an in-line, extractive or portable oxygen analyzer. The in-line O2 analyzers from Teledyne measure oxygen concentrations using various techniques; electrochemical, paramagnetic, zirconium oxide and TDLAS.

Multivariable analysis software

The Multivariable Data Analysis software from CAMO has the most advanced analytical modeling, prediction and optimization solutions. We are happy to tell you more about the CAMO software.

Density in gas and liquid

Logo   Robust meters from Thermo Scientific with which you determine the absolute or relative density in a gas or liquid with high accuracy. These continuous analytical instruments are available in various designs (in-line, by-pass or pocket) and - if desired - with pressure compensation.

In-line and routine NIR analysis

logo   The MicroNIR ™ Spectrometers of Viavi enable you to quickly measure and analyze a reliable and reproducible spectrum. The ultra-compact NIR analyzer is easy to use and very suitable for routine measurements or in-line process inspection, both quantitative and qualitative, in the spectral range of 950 nm to 1650 nm.

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