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Particle size measurement method for biobased nanomaterials real gamechanger

The existing and future generation of nanomaterials often consist of mixtures of wholly or partly biobased materials. Think of biomedical materials (nutraceutical and pharmacolo...

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Fraud alert sunflower oil due to shortages caused by the war in Ukraine

The UK, along with several other governments in Europe, has allowed the use of rapeseed oil in recipes without requiring labeling changes and has relaxed the rules on the use of...

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Free webinar: Particle size characterization of polymers, paint & coatings (ENG)

The Disc Centrifuge from CPS Instruments accurately measures the particle size (distribution) of polymers, paint, ink & coatings, among other things, by means of differentia...

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Product News: Viavi's MicroNIR PAT-Ux NIR spectrometer to deliver RT monitoring in hazardous environments

The MicroNIR PAT-Ux is the latest addition to the MicroNIR family of ultra-compact, high-performance miniature NIR spectrometers Viavi Solutions Inc. has launched the...

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Deliver high quality solids – without any mix up

Ever present in het chemical processing industry (CPI), solid mixing and blending are among the most crucial operations that influence end product quality. By avoiding under- an...

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Invitation Introduction SPES-technology with CLASSIZER™ ONE

November 9th from 12.30 to 16.00 h Oosterhout, the Netherlands Cutting edge platform for R&D and QC of particles in biological, industrial and environmental complex fluids ...

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Energy price increases

Improve combustion efficiency; save energy and reduce emissions Optimizing combustion efficiency is important for proper operation of almost any industrial process that burns f...

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Save money, resources and prevent a bad batch with In-line NIR

When dry substances are supplied in bulk, it is a must to control the quality of these raw materials; the first step in the production process. You are then able to adjust the p...

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Prevent defective products at every stage of the manufactering process with in-line refractometers

At production facilities where soups, sauces, drinks or other liquids are prepared, the concentration and condition of the liquid changes at each stage of this process. Monitori...

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How likely is it that you would recommend us to a friend or collegue?

In the month of June we conducted a customer satisfaction survey. Good to hear that our webinars are appreciated and that when asked if customers would recommend us to a friend ...

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The Importance of Repeatability: Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis - Gaschromatography

The gas chromatograph is one of the most versatile, selective and sensitive of all analytical instrumentation, especially for hydrocarbon applications. This is because the analy...

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Phasing out portable 311 series and introduction new portable oxygen analyzer

Did you purchase a portable oxygen analyzer from the 311 series of the brand Teledyne Analytical Instruments in the past? Then please pay attention to the following message:&nbs...

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