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Moisture measurement in granulates

Inventech is the specialist in the field of moisture measurements in granulates. Granulate is a material in granular form, or in the form of granular powder. View all our moisture analytical solutions

When choosing a moisture meter, the surface or type of material for which the moisture meter is used must be properly taken into account. For each type of moisture measurement, Inventech has the right moisture meter available. Of course also for granules!

Measuring the moisture content in your product gives you important knowledge that you can use to optimise processes. With the knowledge about this parameter you can guarantee and improve the quality of your product. This is certainly applicable when we talk about measuring moisture in granulates.

In many industries and in a variety of production processes, moisture analysis is used for process control. For example, saving energy in a drying process is a common reason to measure moisture in a production process. Also, determining the percentage of moisture in a (end) product such as Granulates is a key parameter for quality control at-line or in a laboratory.

Inventech offers a wide range of analytical tools. Our product managers are happy to help you find the right moisture measurement for your granulates!

View all our moisture analysis solutions

Measuring moisture in granules? Well organized by Inventech!

Inventech had been active since 2001 as a representative of various advanced measuring instruments with which, among other things, moisture can be measured in granules. Thease analytical instruments come from renowned brands such as TEWS Elektronik, Viavi and ASD (a brand of Malvern Panalytical).

As a full-service supplier, we take care of the process of measuring moisture within granules from A to Z and you can contact us for advice, installation, calibration and technical maintenance.

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Inventech product specialists have the right expertise and experience to provide suitable solutions for measuring moisture in granulates in every situation and application.

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