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Moisture measurement in powders

The measurement of moisture in powders plays a significant role in many industrial processes. At many companies, however, there are untapped opportunities in optimizing production processes. Simply because they do not use automated (in-line) moisture measurements. The latest technological innovations enable you to perform continuous moisture analyzes. This gives you a grip on the moisture content in your product and you can intervene immediately to guarantee the optimum product moisture content.

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Advantages of automated measurement of moisture in powders

Measuring moisture in powders allows you to guarantee a quality product that meets the wishes of the customer. In the production process, this also ensures that you can optimize the processability of powders. In addition, this results in savings on the energy consumption of drying ovens and on the maintenance of equipment and other instruments.

The automated measurement of moisture in powders is a welcome innovation compared to the traditional method. Periodically taking production samples and measuring the moisture in powders using an IR balance results in a production process that is not flexible and does not offer the possibility of direct adjustment. Late intervention can lead to production errors and even damage to the equipment.

Inventech Benelux; your partner for measuring moisture in powders

Inventech Benelux has been active since 2001 as a professional supplier of a range of advanced analysis, measuring and testing equipment and conditioning systems. With our range, complementing service and expertise, we emphasize the complete unburdening of our customers around measurement processes. We advise, provide service and perform calibration and maintenance work on process analysis and analytical instruments. Our range of analysis instruments for the accurate measurement of moisture in powders can be used in various industries, such as pharmaceuticals, agriculture, chemistry, and nutrition.

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