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Particle size analysis


Analyzing the particle size in your product gives you knowledge about the properties of the product. With the Disc Centrifuge from CPS Instruments you can accurately measure particle size distributions in suspensions and emulsions by means of differential sedimentation.

The fast and accurate measurement is very suitable for quality control and for optimizing the particle size in ,for example, raw materials for the purpose of obtaining certain product properties. But also when you have to measure nanoparticles to meet certain requirements and reports regarding nanomaterials. With the Disc Centrifuge you can perform quantitative measurements in addition to a qualitative particle size determination.

Key benefits

0.005 - 50 microns (µm)
Very high resolution
High accuracy
High sensitivity
Wide dynamic range
Particle characterization of polymers, paints & coatings

The Disc Centrifuge from CPS Instruments accurately measures the particle size (distribution) of polymers, paint, ink & coatings, among other things, by means of differential sedimentation. The Disc Centrifuge measures particle size in very high resolution (0.005 – 50 microns), has a high sensitivity and accuracy and allows for rapid analysis. The instrument is widely used for R&D and quality control of polymer dispersions such as waterborne paints (latex), coatings and inks.

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