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Food companies that manufacture products such as milk powder have to deal with legal requirements in terms of emissions. Dust measurements are used to stay within the emission guidelines of the production site, but also to prevent dust development from disrupting the continuity of the process.

A common application in the food industry is the monitoring of dust filters through the Tribo electric effect. A simple and continuous measurement of dust in an (open) space or flue gas channel ensures that dust filters can be replaced in time. Is full continuous measurement or monitoring required? Inventech has the best possible solution. Our analysers meet the latest standards and requirements, are feasible for ATEX-areas and with various options focused on your process. For more information, please contact our product managers.

Don't let dust disrupt your process

A simple measurement can prevent dust development from disrupting the continuity of the process. For more information contact our product managers.

Optical in-situ dust analyser with laser or light


Continuously measure the lowest dust concentrations, both quantitatively (mg / m3) and qualitatively (%), with Durag's optical dust analysers

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Tribo-electric dust monitor


With Durag's Tribo electric dust monitors you continuously monitor the dust penetration in a (dry) flue gas duct

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Extractive dust measurement


Are process conditions not suitable for an in-situ measurement? Choose the extractive dust measurement.

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