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Measure inline refractive index (RI)


Determining the purity or composition of your process fluid in-line by means of the refractive index (RI) or Brix provides you with important information about your process. With robust refractometers from Atago you can accurately measure the concentration (% weight) of the dissolved particles, liquid density (% dry matter), refractive index (RI) or Brix in a liquid or slurry. This refractometer has a sensitive detector, accurate algorithms and automatic temperature compensation and realizes a drift-free measurement between 1,320 and 1,557 nD. The refractometers from Atago can be seamlessly connected to your process with a VARINLINE® process connection or other process coupling and are Profibus compatible. The versatile process measurement is suitable for measurement in a pipe, reactor vessel, (mixing) tank, boiler or evaporator.

A Brix measuremt is often used for: food products as tomatosauces and pastes, vinegar, gelatin and sweets, (soft) drinks and juices, coffee and tea, tofu and soy milk, concentration monitoring of sterilization solutions, solvent concentration monitoring in textile and leather production


Key benefits

Accurate measurement result
Measuring range: 0-100% Brix (sucrose scale)
Product temperature up to 100 ° C
Automatic temperature compensation
Determine product recognition, composition and purity
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