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Viscosity plays a key role in controlling the production process within numerous industries. The viscosity of a product influences the efficiency of your process and therefore often the production costs.

With the knowledge of this parameter you are able to control the viscosity of your product and control your process directly. For example in the (milk) powder production where controlling viscosity in the liquid phase contributes to a more efficient spray-drying process. But even in heavy processes and demanding environments, such as in combustion technology, a viscosity measurement contributes to a more efficient process and cost savings.

We offer a wide range of reliable viscosity meters. Our product specialists are happy to help you find the right one for your process

Real-time and reliable viscosity measurements

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Inline viscosity under control


Measure inline the dynamic viscosity and density at resonance frequency and determine the kinematic viscosity, even at high temperatures and pressure

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Quick and easy measurement at any location


With the benchtop and at-line viscosity measurements from Sofraser you can measure the viscosity of your quickly and easily at any desired location.

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Automatic measurement at reference temperature


Achieve optimum process control by measuring viscosity at reference temperature. Continuous quality control in crude oil applications.

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