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The manufacturing industry mainly uses identification for determining the blending uniformity or homogeneity of (mixed) raw materials or semi-finished products. With (inline) analysis energy is saved, you guarantee the quality of the product and the continuity of your process. For non-destructive identification of a wide range of products, we offer a complete package of portable VIS/NIR analysers, handheld NIR analysers and inline NIR analysers for product inspection. The NIR method is reliable and much faster than a chemical determination.

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Determining the blending uniformity or homogeneity of (mixed) raw materials or semi-finished products with NIR

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On-site NIR analysis


Easily identify and quantify products with the touch of a button with this compact Near Infrared analyser.

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Vektor Direktor; software for high-level multivariate data analysis (chemometrics)

Vektor Direktor

Chemometrics enable you to make fast and reliable quality decisions based on quantitative results in seconds.

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Latest and lightest high-resolution full-range spectroradiometer

Spectral Evolution

The NaturaSpec is very suitable for remote-sensing applications and in-situ field measurements; high end model

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High-end NIR analyser for lab and real-time process analysis


The Polispec NIRe even has an extraordinary spectral range of 930-2180 nm

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Light spectrophotometer for portable and at-line applications


Light spectrophotometer; particularly suitable for the analysis of powders and liquids

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Portable full-range NIR spectroradiometer

Spectral Evolution

Portable spectroscopic analytical instrumentation for field research and remote sensing.

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