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Portable full-range NIR spectroradiometer


Portable spectroscopic analytical instrumentation for field research and remote sensing are indispensable for every researcher. As a market leader with extensive experience in the field of spectroscopy, ASD Inc. has been able to  improve and specialize the instruments. The portable NIR spectrometers from ASD are available with various resolutions and versions for specific applications.

The FieldSpec4 is the new standard in field spectroscopy which makes your research faster and easier. This powerful and portable full-range instrument measures with great accuracy in the VIS/NIR/SWIR range from 350 to 2500nm. Thanks to the improved signal-to-noise ratio and the large wireless range, this instrument gives you the freedom to measure at any desired location.

Key benefits
Fast and accurate real-time analysis
Full range 350-2500nm
Measuring without sample preparation
Various models available
Expand with various accessories
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