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Understanding and managing processes are of the utmost importance in any production or engineering company. This often involves complex processes, with a large number of variables that have the potential to affect the outcome. Chemometrics is a collective term for a number of tools used to simplify large sets of data and make variations visible. Examples include raw material identification and the quantification of substance properties and ingredients.

The food industry uses chemometrics to determine the gross composition of food products through measurement. For example, NIR (Near-InfraRed) spectroscopy can be used to determine the moisture, fat and protein content. This technology has evolved into a fast technique that is performed routinely in labs, at-line and even in-line on various raw materials, intermediate products and finished products. Calibrations are extremely important in the use of NIR. Food products in particular contain many components that absorb near-infrared wavelengths. This produces spectra with overlapping absorptions. It is often impossible for the naked eye to detect correlations. Chemometrics can help you to link the differences in the spectra to the varying compositions of the food products.

Large sets of data are simplified with Near-Infrared spectroscopy.

In many cases, using NIR results provide a considerable cost reduction due to the speed of measurement. You improve product quality and optimize the process.

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High-end NIR analyser for lab and real-time process analysis


The Polispec NIRe even has an extraordinary spectral range of 930-2180 nm

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On-site NIR analysis


With the handheld MicroNIR spectrometers from Viavi you can identify (and quantify) food products quick, easy and in real-time.

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Vektor Direktor; software for high-level multivariate data analysis (chemometrics)

Vektor Direktor

Chemometrics enable you to make fast and reliable quality decisions based on quantitative results in seconds.

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