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Extractive oxygen analysis


With an in-line oxygen analysis you are able to optimize your process. A reliable in-line measurement is crucial for determining and monitoring the purity of a gas or controlling safety. The in-line O₂ analyzers from Teledyne measure oxygen concentrations using various techniques; electrochemical, paramagnetic, zirconium oxide and TDLAS.

The INSTA TRANS is the newest and most flexible analyzer from Teledyne. With this analyzer you determine the oxygen content in your application within  minutes by means of an electrochemical cell. The Teledyne's reliable oxygen analyzer has a freely adjustable measuring range of 0-10ppm and is also easy to convert to a percentage measurement (0-25%).

Key benefits
Range: ppm and percentages
Various measurement principles and designs available
Robust and long-lasting sensor
ATEX certified
More information

Please download the brochure of the extractive oxygen analysis for more information. For more information or when you are interested in a test, please contact our product managers: 0162-460404 or


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