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Portable oxygen analysis


The portable oxygen analyzer gives you gives you the speed and flexibility needed to optimize your process. Quality control based on the oxygen content in a gas is simple with the Teledyne's reliable portable oxygen analyzer.

The Analyzer 3110 of Teledyne ensures highly accurate ppm/percent oxygen readings in a variety of background gases – including hydrocarbons. Calibration of the analyzer is easy as well as the replacement of the patented Micro-fuel cell, making the analyzer virtually maintenance free. With a portable analyzer from Teledyne you are guaranteed a rapid oxygen measurement even in ATEX environments.

Key benefits
Reliable measurement
Range: 0-10ppm / 0-25% O₂
Maintenance-free sensor
Long battery life
Available with sample system
Link to external sample system
More information

Want to know more about the portable oxygen analyzer from Teledyne? Download the brochure. If you also complete the application form under PDF downloads (at the bottom of the page) and mail to, we will gladly provide you with customized advice.

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