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3D dynamic image analysis

Microtrac MRB

Dynamic image analysis (DIA) is the most recent and advanced particle characterization technique. This technique has a high resolution with which different size and shape parameters are measured. The thickness (T), can only be measured with Microtrac MRB's patented 3D technology.

With the unique 3D image analysis technology from Microtrac MRB you can measure all shape, size and thickness parameters of your product in real time with high resolution. The three-dimensional image that is created of the particles, in real-time and continuously, gives you important information about your production process. In just a few seconds, the Microtrac MRB CAMSIZER displays up to 32 different particle parameters within a range of 0.035 to 35 millimeters. This uncomplicated technique is easy to use and suitable for laboratories within various industries. With dynamic image analysis you can measure more samples with higher accuracy per day than with any other (conventional) screening technique.

Key benefits

Measure at high speed and resolution
Highly accurate
0.035 - 35 millimeters or 0.28 - 127 millimeters measuring range
3D analysis: all shape parameters measurable (2D: 4 - 4500 micron measuring range)
More information

This 3D image analysis is also very suitable for in-line analysis. Request the brochure of the Microtrac MRB CAMSIZER.


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