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Particle characterization


Do you control all the properties of the (nano) particles in your products? By optimizing the particle characteristics you are able to improve your (end) product, guarantee quality and optimize your production process. Every product has its own characteristics and for every process we have analytical instrumentation available that measure particle size, distribution, shape or charge.

We offer a complete package of instruments for particle size characterization from nano to centimeters in liquids, emulsions, granulates and powders.

Reducing the particle size of the active substances and excipients plays a key role in the performance and quality of pharmaceutical products.

It influences their solution, bioavailability, uniformity and stability. Want to know what particle characterization can do for your production process and product? Please contact our product managers for more information.

Particle size analysis


Accurately measure particle size distributions in suspensions and emulsions. Due to wide dynamic range, very suitable for measuring nanoparticles.

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Submicron- and microparticles measurement in a liquid in high resolution


SPES technology is able to provide, both more and simultaneously, information about particles in a liquid than other optical methods

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In-line 3D dynamic image analysis

M&W Microtrac

Measure all shape, size and thickness parameters of particles in solids at high speed and in real-time with dynamic image analysis (DIA)

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