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Submicron- and microparticles measurement in a liquid in high resolution


The CLASSIZER ™ ONE uses the relatively new SPES technique (Single Particle Extinction and Scattering); a light scattering technique that allows the analysis, distribution and counting of individual particles in a liquid based on their optical properties. The CLASSIZER ™ ONE was launched in 2014 by EOS, Effective Optical Systems, as a spin-off of a university-developed technique. SPES is an optical method for particle characterization, which is able to provide, both more and simultaneously, information about the microparticles and smaller submicronparticles in a liquid than other optical methods such as DLS (Dynamic Light Scattering) and LD (Laser Diffraction) and in very high resolution.

The technique retains its performance in polydisperse suspensions, which is a major limitation of other optical methods.

Read more about SPES and the value for characterization of (biobased) nanomaterials and watch the free webinar. 

Key benefits

Broad applicability in turbid samples
Measuring both micro and nanoparticles at the same time in high resolution
In one measurement both information about nano and larger micro particles
Provides more information about the particles than other optical techniques
More information

Here you can download the brochure of the EOS CLASSIZER ™ ONE.

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SPES particle characterization method game changer for existing and future biobased nanomaterials

Nanomaterials often consist of mixtures of fully or partially biobased materials. Think of biomedical materials and polymer mixtures. In R&D and quality control of these mixtures, traditional methods such as LD and DLS provide averaged data over the entire sample. In doing so, all particles are considered the same, just with different sizes. This can be a limitation in various R&D and QC tasks. SPES particle characterization method solves this problem.

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