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Viscosity is a very important parameter for quality control in the pharmaceutical industry. Viscosity is the property of a (liquid) product that provides insight into the degree of ease or resistance with which it flows. By measuring the viscosity of products such as toothpaste, cough syrup or ointment, manufacturers can predict how products will behave once they reach the consumer's hands.

But in addition to quality control, knowing the viscosity of a (semi) finished product also helps to organize the production process efficiently and to reduce costs. For example a  flow through tubes can take place and dispensers can be adjusted to the right force to induce flow without overfilling the package.

Inventech offers reliable and high-quality viscosity meters for the pharmaceutical industry. Our product managers are happy to help you find the right one for your process.


Hhigh-quality viscosity meters for the pharmaceutical industry

Extractive oxygen analysis


Determine the O₂ content quickly and flexibly.

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In-line viscosity under control


Increase the production capacity and quality of your products with this inline viscosity measurement.

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Portable oxygen analysis


Simply measure the O₂ content at any desired location. A reliable and quick measurement with the flexible oxygen analysers from Teledyne.

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