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Energy & emissions

We supply products for compressed air and liquid filtration, in order to protect equipment and sensitive (analytical) instrumentation against dirt, water and oil. Our Parker Balston filters remove impurities with an efficiency of 99.99% for particles and droplets measuring 0.01 microns.


Compressed air filters

Coalescing compressed air filters protect your equipment and analytical instruments against the dirt, water and oil that is usually found in compressed air. Liquids are moved from the filter cartridge to an automatic drainage system as soon as they enter the filter. This means that the filter continuously removes impurities without loss of efficiency or flow capacity. 


Gas and liquid filters

Gas and liquid filters protect analytical instrumentation against sample contamination by removing solid impurities from liquid substances. Our filters are inert for almost every gas and liquid.

In order to meet the extremely broad range of requirements for filters for analytical samples, Inventech supplies a complete range of filter casings in stainless steel, polypropylene and other corrosion-resistant materials, as well as a selection of extremely efficient filter elements.

Protect your (fragile) instruments against dirt, water and oil and/or sample contamination

Our product managers are happy to help you find the best filter for your application.