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In the pharmaceutical industry, moisture analysis is used for (inline) process control and quality control, at-line or in a laboratory. Measuring the moisture content in your product gives you important knowledge you can use to optimise the production process and ensure the quality and safety of your product.

Often one uses (inline) NIR to control the moisture content during the different phases of the production process. However, more and more pharmaceutical companies benefit from separate moisture analysis with the microwave resonance technique. With this technique a fast and particularly accurate moisture analysis takes place as well as on the surface as in the core of (powder) substances and tablets. Inventech's product managers are happy to advise you on the right instrument for your application.

Fast and particularly accurate moisture analysis in the core and on the surface

More pharmaceutical companies benefit from separate moisture analysis with the microwave resonance technique. Are product manager will be pleased to inform you about all the benefits. Contact our product manager for detailed information.

Moisture analysis at any location

TEWS Elektronik

Flexible moisture analysis independent of color, density and mass and quickly and accurately with microwave resonance technology.

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Measuring inline moisture and density

TEWS Elektronik

Moisture analysis independent of size, color, bulk density and mass with patented microwave technology from TEWS.

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High-end NIR analyser for lab and real-time process analysis


The Polispec NIRe even has an extraordinary spectral range of 930-2180 nm

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NIR analysis in an instant


Rapid RMID (Raw Material Identification) in pharma with the MicroNIR OnSite-W

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Light spectrophotometer for portable and at-line applications


Light spectrophotometer; particularly suitable for the analysis of powders and liquids

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Programmable spectrophotometric sensor for real-time measurements


Easily switch between processes with different work dynamics

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The perfect entry-level model for measuring moisture


Measure moisture with Swiss precision with the moisture analysers of Precisa

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