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Programmable spectrophotometric sensor for real-time measurements


ITPhotonics develops spectrophotometers under the brand name Polispec. The Polispec analysers provide fast, non-destructive measurements and are available both portable and in-line. ITPhotonics distinguishes itself from other providers by offering a wide range of ready-made calibration curves for a variety of applications. 

Polispec VIS-NIT is a very robust spectrophotometric sensor that is connected via fiber optic to various measuring probes and light sources. Thanks to its very compact size, the Polispec VIS-NIT can be easily integrated at any point on the production line. The system is also equipped with two programmable signals, so that you can quickly switch between two processes whose work dynamics are very different.


Key benefits

Anodized aluminum housing
Protection in different levels against dust and liquids
Efficient switching between different processes
Available in spectral ranges between 340 and 1100 nm
More information

Download the factsheet of the Polispec VIS-NIT or contact ou specialist in spectroscopie Kees van der Sar for more information. 

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