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The perfect entry-level model for measuring moisture


Moisture and water content have a decisive influence on the quality and processing of materials, as well as the price of raw materials and finished products in many industries including food, animal feed, chemical and pharmaceutical products, building materials, etc. The use of compact and robust precision moisture measuring instruments in lab and process (real-time measurements) increases efficiency and saves time and costs.

As a leading manufacturer of thermogravimetric analytical instrumentation, Precisa excels with a comprehensive range of moisture analysers. Precisa analysers are indispensable basic tools for efficient measurements and accurate results. Precisa instruments are prime examples of Swiss perfection and reliability.

Key benefits

Sturdy construction, perfect for all lab environments
production environments
Weight 124 g
High temperature range up to 230ºC
Automatic Self Calibration System (SCS)
Intuitive user interface
Expanded memory capacity
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