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Hydrogen Sulfide & Total Sulfur


In the production of natural gas, analysis of H₂S and total sulfur is important for an optimal process. To prevent corrosion of the pipes, the sulfur content is first reduced before the natural gas is processed or transported. The measurement must meet specific requirements, therefor the desulphurization process mainly takes place in remote (offshore) locations. We offer reliable analyzers that measure H₂S at ppm level and total sulfur from ppm to percent (%) for controlling and monitoring desulfurization.

Our product specialists are happy to tell you more about the various measuring principles and properties of the Teledyne brand:

Reliable analyzers that measure H₂S and Total Sulfur of the renowned brand Teledyne

Total Sulphur measurement with extractive UV analyser


Measurement of total sulfur in a gas or liquid from ppb to% level using the UV Fluorescence technique.

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