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Total Hydrocarbon Analyzer


With the flame ionization detector of Teledyne you are able to determine the total content of hydrocarbons at PPM level. 

The flame ionization detector is ideal for monitoring hydrocarbon contamination in high purity bulk gases. When coupled with Teledyne's unique separation column, the 4020 is also diverse enough to be applied in hazardous locations for the detection of volatile hydrocarbons in cooling water for process leak detection and environmental compliance. 

Key benefits
Provide a stable, reproducible signal
Quick response to process changes
Standard auto-calibration programming - ideal for unmanned plant conditions
X-purged configurations for hazardous area installations available
Optional rear-mounted calibration valves and fuel solenoid for easy maintentance
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Download the brochure of Teledyne's flame ionization analyzer and gas chromatographers.

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