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Low concentrations H2O in dry gases


Measuring low concentrations of H2O in process gases requires reliable accuracy. With Teledyne's moisture analytical instrumentation, dew point analysis of your process gas is quick and easy.

The moisture analysers of Teledyne use the aluminum oxide (Al203) sensing technology. This renowned and reliable technology ensures accurate measurement due to its high sensitivity, which is even 600 times higher than with conventional sensors. This allows you to accurately measure low moisture concentrations with dew points from -100 to + 20 ° C. This continuous, extractive or portable gas analysis enables you to switch quickly if the H2O content becomes too high, so that you can easily guarantee the quality of your product.


Key benefits

Very high sensitivity
ppb level with dew point from -100 to + 20 ° C
No calibration required
Various models, from portable to installation
Easy operation, fast results
More information

Download the brochure of the 8800 series to measure low concentrations of H2O in process gases.

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