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Analyze complex data sets quickly, easily and accurately


Complex measurements often contain a wealth of information. Most of them are indistinguishable by the human eye. When comparing Near-Infrared spectra you can discover differences, but calculation without the right mathematical models will be complex. Unscrambler® from CAMO is the product of choice to set up mathematical models and to analyze large and complex data sets quickly, easily and accurately. The analysis with Unscrambler® provides a high-quality calculation model for quantitative or qualitative applications. Unscrambler can be used in combination with, for example, ASD (the VIS/NIR software Indigo Pro) and Viavi (MicroNIR ™ Pro), and also with chromatography software. Unscrambler® from CAMO gives you more insight into your data and ensures that you increase the ROI in product development, process control, quality control and R&D.

Unscrambler® gives you a better insight into processes through multivariate analysis and makes optimization of product development possible; a higher yield, improved product quality, lower costs and a shorter time-to-market. Finally, the Unscrambler® enables early error detection, reducing waste and system downtime.

Key benefits
Powerful multivariate analysis with an extensive range of multivariate regression, prediction and classification methods, statistical tests, informative visualization and user-friendly transformation possibilities to quickly and easily set up mathematical models for routine analysis
No extensive statistical background or knowledge required
Clear display of statistical results and easy navigation
Complete user-friendly data transformation set to extract more information from your data and have it available faster
Plug-ins for specific methods and file formats offer flexibility to meet the needs of each industry. With this you are assured of a stable investment.
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