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With the MicroNIR ™ Spectrometers of Viavi you can quickly measure and analyze a reliable and reproducible spectrum. The compact NIR analyzer is easy to use and very suitable for routine measurements, both quantitative and qualitative, in the spectral range from 950 nm to 1650 nm. The small handy Near-Infrared analyzer in combination with the user-friendly software make real-time analysis accessible at any location.

A wide range of accessories is available for MicroNIR. Connecting the small spectrometer is easy via a USB cable and various options make this MicroNIR suitable for reflection, transmission and transflection measurement; in the laboratory, as a handheld and even as an in-line process sensor.

Key benefits
Compact and lightweight spectrometer
A reproducible result quickly
Flexible use
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Download here the brochure of Viavi's handheld spectrometer. 

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