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Automatic measurement at reference temperature


You can achieve optimum process control by measuring the viscosity at reference temperature. Correct measurement is essential in production processes in which (crude) oil is processed; viscosity influences storage, handling and operational conditions. With the Thermoset from Sofraser you can measure the viscosity at reference temperature in real time using the resonance frequency technique. The automatic process analyzer from Sofraser has an integrated sampling system that ensures continuous measurement at reference temperature. The dynamic viscosity measurement is immediately available and the kinematic viscosity can also be easily determined. This Thermoset from Sofraser preserves the continuity of your process because the analyzer has no parts that are subject to wear and is extremely suitable for demanding processes and environments.

Key benefits

Reliable and accurate measurement at reference temperature
Correlated to ASTM D445
ATEX certified
Also measures density and calculates kinematic viscosity
Various models available
Also available as an in-line process sensor
More information

Download here the brochure of the viscosity meter at reference temperature.

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