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Fast analysis of H₂S, CO₂ and H₂Ov


Teledyne's 6020L and 8800L series analyzers use the latest Tunable Diode Laser Spectroscopy (TDLAS) for ultra low, fast and reliable analysis of hydrogen sulfide (HS), carbon dioxide (CO) and moisture (HOv). The use of differential measurements means no switching valves, less hassle with scrubber media disposal, lower ownership costs, uncertainty of CO, CH₄ and CH₄ interventions, and a much faster response and readout time.

Key benefits
No switch valves
Less hassle with throwing away scrubber media
Lower cost of ownership
Much faster response and read time
Uncertainty of the CO, CH₄ and CH₄ interventions are set to zero
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Download the brochure of Teledyne's 6020L and 8800L series analyzers here.

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