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A correct determination of (low) concentrations of moisture (H2O) is necessary in natural gas related applications to protect the gas network. The prevention of corrosion and icing during distribution and storage are the main reason for controlling the moisture content in natural gas. Especially in cryogenic processes, such as Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) production, moisture is an important parameter that affects the functioning of the process.

When you control the concentration of moisture in your gas, production becomes more efficient and safer.

Efficient and safer production thanks to moisture measurement

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Low concentrations H2O in dry gases


Easily measure the moisture content or dew point in dry gases. Continuous or handheld measurement with low dew point: -100 to + 20 ° C

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Very fast, compact gas chromatograph

Teledyne Falcon

Compact gas chromatograph up to 50 times faster than traditional gas chromatographs.

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