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Flow measurement


Measuring the gas velocity in a channel is possible by means of different measuring principles. Durag’s differential pressure flowmeter is suitable for measuring the gas speed of dry gas applications. This robust in-situ meter is resistant to high temperatures, high process pressure and suitable for channels with small diameters. The ultrasonic flow measurement by Durag measures on the basis of ultrasonic sound waves that are sent and received by two identical sensors. In dust-laden environments, wet or dry gas and even in aggressive gas compositions, this non-contact measurement ensures a continuous non-contact flow measurement. Want to measure more process variables? The dust emission and emission measurements of Durag fit seamlessly together and are very suitable within CEMS.

Key benefits
Easy to install and operate
Maintenance friendly
Applicable in CEMS: EN-15267-3 and QAL1 certified
Ultrasonic: auto self-check zero and reference point
Integrated purge air supply
Control unit for several sensors available
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