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Measuring inline moisture and density

TEWS Elektronik

A fast and accurate analysis of the moisture content in a product benefits in many areas. With patented microwave resonance technique of TEWS you can measure the moisture content in your product independently of size, color, (bulk) density and mass.

The TEWS sensor measures the moisture in solids both on the surface and in the core of the product. This measurement is suitable for various processes due to its extensive installation options. The result is reliable and accurate; changes in color, density and mass of the product have no influence on the measurement. In-line installation of the moisture sensor is possible, for example, above or below a conveyor belt, in a silo or in a transport tube (possibly as a by-pass). But at-line the sensor also offers a solution for your routine check.



Key benefits

Measures independently of color, density and mass
Measurement on the surface and in the core
High accuracy
Fast and reliable measurement
More information

The possibilities and applications of the TEWS moisture sensors for both laboratory and process analysis are numerous. We are happy to send you a brochure with a complete overview of the various possibilities of moisture analysis with the unique TEWS sensors.

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