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Measuring moisture in milk powder

The worldwide consumption of milk powder products is growing rapidly. Optimization and efficient production are becoming increasingly important. Milk powder is a manufactured dairy product that is made by evaporating the milk into milk powder during various drying steps. The measurement of moisture in milk powder plays an important role in this drying process. Automated moisture analysis makes it possible to control your process in real time. This way you get the optimum moisture content in your product; an essential step in your process to ensure consistent and high quality of your end product.

Inventech Benelux is a specialist supplier of advanced analytical instruments. Our product managers are happy to think along with you in optimizing your production process for milk powder using the accurate and automated measurement of moisture. Please contact us.

Advantages of automated measurement of moisture in milk powder

The most common method for producing milk powder is by spray drying. Measuring the moisture content in milk powder using a Near Infrared spectrometer provides valuable information to optimize the drying process during spray drying in real time. The MicroNIR PAT is designed for today's demandingly regulated environments and requires minimal system maintenance. MicroNIR PAT has no moving components or expensive fiber optic cables, enabling superior instrument stability and performance in harsh process environments. Consistent quality and a safe and efficient process of your milk powder products can be achieved by monitoring every step of the process; in addition to measuring moisture in milk powder, also consider continuous and real-time measurement of viscosity, dust control and measurement of particle size. The MicroNIR PAT is also available in an ATEX version (zones 1 and 21).

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Inventech Benelux has been active since 2001 as a professional supplier of a range of advanced analysis, measuring and testing equipment and conditioning systems. With our range, complementing service and expertise, we emphasize the complete unburdening of our customers around measurement processes. We advise, provide service and perform calibration and maintenance work on process analysis and analytical instruments.

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