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Versatile NIR Food Analyzer

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The FoodCheck measures all important parameters of all types of meat, meat products and dairy products within one measurement, such as minced meat of all animal species, sausages, salami, sausage dough and various types of cheese, yogurt, curd cheese, ice cream and more. With the optional reflection part, the FoodCheck can also measure all kinds of milled products, powders and spices, such as flour, semolina, milk, whey powder and spices. This makes the FoodCheck the most versatile tool in the world of NIR Food Analyzers.

The patented monochromator system that characterizes all Bruins Instruments products provides very accurate information on water, protein, fat, carbohydrates, dry matter, collagen, ash and other parameters in just a few moments. With the sealed stainless steel housing, the FoodCheck can be used as a laboratory instrument or directly in production. The rotating sample scale always gives you reliable results from a representative sample. The use of normal Petri dishes makes it possible to work cost-effectively without having to watch out that glass comes into production. Intuitive software and a large touchscreen make the FoodCheck easy to use and the network option allows data to be transferred directly to any workstation.

Key benefits
Measurement in just a few moments
Ready-made calibration methods
Wavelength range 730 - 1100 nm (meat and dairy) & 1400-2500 nm (ground products)
Patented monochromator technology (high precision and robustness)
Easy to use
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