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Portable full-range NIR spectroradiometer

Spectral Evolution

Portable spectroscopic analytical instrumentation for field research and remote sensing are indispensable for every researcher. Spectral Evolution instruments have a 100% photodiode array construction; light signals are simultaneously stored in memory, resulting in a faster scan time and highly accurate and reproducible data. The RS-3500 is the new standard in field spectroscopy and makes your research faster and easier. This powerful and portable full-range instrument measures with great accuracy in the UV-VIS/NIR/SWIR range from 350 to 2500nm. With its improved signal-to-noise ratio and wireless operation, this instrument gives you the freedom to take measurements at any location. 

If you are looking for a portable spectroradiometer that can work independently without a computer, then PSR+ is the instrument you are looking for. It is similar to the RS-3500 but lighter and also features internal memory and built-in controls; an external PC is not necessary.

Key benefits

Portable and robust
Fast and accurate real-time analysis
Full range 350-2500nm
Measuring without sample preparation
Various models available
Expand with various accessories
More information

Download the brochure here. In case you have any questions Inventech is happy to help you choose the right instrument for your application.

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